Where art Thou?

Where are you? I’m missing you so bad, in this unknown country. I feel as if I can’t breathe, my heart is about to stop, can you feel it? I wish I could hear you, I wanna be close to you, I feel so alone even when I’m around many people. It’s very hard to live like this, come to me, do you here I shriek? I am, in the top of my voice, but I know you will not hear me.

Hello, baby, come to me

Love me, hold me close

I need your presence, this I can’t bear

Love me, love me, love me

My heart is about to stop….



Love me madly…

Walking in unknown land, missing you in every step I take. My heart seems so empty and gloomy. I feel that there is no purpose in life. My life is so frustrating and not worth living when you are not around me. I feel that I should not live, the whole purpose of my existence is gone and moments I pass is miserable to the core. Don’t hurt me, I know you miss me so much as I do but that will not help either of us. We may be oceans apart but our love is true and I want you to wait for me, till I come.

Hurting won’t help anyone, just love me madly…


Obvious Fact…

I want to get rid of my anger. It kills me. I’m fuming for no reason as you pointed out very well. You love me, only me, so why should I be worried. I feel empty but I will get over it. Why should I worry unnecessarily? I know you can’t live without me. That is enough for me. I will die for you but I want to live for you because no one would love me as I do.

It’s a fact, just an obvious fact, as if sun is rising in the morn…


I know you do too…

Oh! It seems I haven’t written you a letter for this month. Very bad of me, especially when I have so much to tell you but so little words to express my love for you.

I would just say for today that I love you with every single blood vessel in me. I know you do too.

I know you do too…