My Religion…

You have become my religion. You name is like a prayer that come to my lips every morning. I keep remembering you, your scent, your kiss and everything belongs to you. I chant hymns and pray. My eyes need to see only you, y hands yearn for your touch, my lips cry for a kiss and my entire body rebels when I think of you. God, you are so unbelievably amazing and I’m utterly and completely and insanely in love with you.

Yeah, it feel so good to be in love with you, my Sweetest love…

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I Miss you terribly…

I have told you how much I love you and as you know a second away from you seems like a life time away. I try to do other things and forget my pain, the sense of loneliness in me. My life has no meaning whatsoever if I can’t see you, be around and feel your love. I miss you. Every atom of my body misses you, terribly and it is such a hurt, you know. I have lost purpose of my life, when I  don’t see you. You have made me a better person and I don’t know how I should be thankful to you. I want to run far far away with you, where I can live my life to the fullest without any disturbances and obstacles. I love you so much.

I miss you so terribly.