Mark this day… (Dreams come true..)

I love you. We are dreaming the same dream and Just mark this day my baby, we are going to make it true. Soon we will. I know we will and I want to see your smile on that day and kiss you softly and ruffle your hair. I would be so damn glad. In fact I would be in the seventh heaven…

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Feeling the nothingness when you aren’t around. Wondering it is the same with you too. I can’t do anything but sleep all day. I hate when you are far away…

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Another Day…

Another morning.

A day without you. It kills me, indefinitely.


 I want to feel you around me. Then I feel so good. I want to hear you. I feel so awesome. I want to feel you. Life is not a life, when you are far away. I’m saying the truth. You know that. I try to control myself. Try to act as if everything is ok. But nothing is ok. Don’t want to burden you. So I shut myself up. Inside I’m choking in loneliness. It kills me 24×7 if you aren’t with me.

There would be a time that I would be able to live my life with you. I know it’s coming soon. I will try to be strong till that day.

I don’t have a choice, anyway.

I love you…




My Dream come true, is YOU…

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I don’t know whether you read this. That does not matter, really. You are such a God send. I want you to know that, being with you, makes me whole. Makes me ME. The happy me. You complete me, totally and colour my empty life. you care for me, think of me, love me. That’s great. Every girl’s dream.

And you are my dream come true.

I love you so very much, I do, with every breath I take…