I do not love you for fun…

I do not love you for fun. I do not love you because I don’t have any other or because I want to pass time or because I am used to you. I love you because I want to spend my life with you,  because you understand me, because you put up with my sometimes childish demeanour. I am fragile and sometimes want to cut my own throat,  seriously.  But I keep telling myself that I have you. That is the greatest blessing to me. Your temper is harsh. It stab my heart many a time but I love you because you deserve to be loved by me.
I too deserve to have your love, am I not?

~ Dilly ~


Your love is the air I breathe…

How much I try, all my efforts are in vain when I try to explain the magnanimity of my love for you. Your presense I always feel so acutely even when I am asleep. Your scent lingers near me, wanting me to feel your heart beat near mine. The urge I always try to resist. Your love is like the air I breathe, always with me never leaving me, in and around me and I simply love that…

~ Dilly ~

Write from the Heart…

Write from the heart.
That was always my motto. I do so, when I think of you, words just flow and I can’t contain myself. Times are hard and our hopes and dreams have not come true yet but still I do not fail to believe in God. He is our only solace, in these times so difficult. Our love has been tested, not once but many times and it has been proved to be strong and pure. True, I’m not the naive girl you have met couple of years ago. Determination has made me strong and for your love I would do anything. Love for you has made me bolder than usual and for our future, I would do anything.
I love you…

~ Dilly ~

You are my life blood…

I can’t exactly remember when I have started to love you this much. I can’t remember the exact moment I have decided to give my life to you. I love you, that I know and I know love is one of the most painful things in life as well as the best blessing. I sometimes wish that I could die just now, then I will die thinking of you, without getting old and withered. Just the way you like. But then you will be alone, which I can’t bear to think. I want to be with you, spend my days with you, I have decided to. It is a very conscious decision and I know it make both of us happy. You have become my life blood. I can’t separate you from my body. You are the beat of my heart. I survive because of you and your love. I have tasted death and I don’t want to go there. Why should I when I can live a happy life with YOU my baby?

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~ Dilly ~


How can I live without you..

You put the phone in anger. I am the root cause. You come above all. We both know that. I don’t want to go to bed with anger. When you are,  I am frustrated. I said things I don’t want to think again. I am truly sorry for the idiocy. I love you. It is a universal fact. How am I to live a single second Without you?
I will achieve our dream. I will not dream of any one but you. Not even in my death bed and afterlife. I just miss you so much when I don’t hear from you. Forgive me and forget the anger.  I love you in any given time or date I will always say that and I mean it.
Till death do us part and even after life I do love you…

~ Dilly ~

Among many flowers I stand still…

Love is selfish. When the love of your life is thinking or talking of another, even as a joke, it hurts like hell. The psin is raw like a fresh stab, the blood oozing from the wound that will never heal. Again and again it hurts. The pain excruciating and gruesome. Its not that I want you not to look at any. I do not believe in limiting your freedom. It will not take me anywhere and you will hate me for that.
Sometimes I fail to read your mind. I wonder perhaps you might wonder about sexier chicks than the faithful me. Being faithful is boring and not excited but I love you and I want to grow old with you. I seek none in my next lives too. I will die for you. Would those who are subject to your infatuation would do that is none of my problems. I love you. That I am quite certain. I hate to be one of many flowers in your life. And in next lives to come too. Simply because my love is not weak…

~ Dilly ~

Every second I think of You…

I am trying to read, trying to subside you from my mind, for a brief moment but failing Everytime. You come to mind,  just as my heart beat, just as I breathe. Love is like this I guess. The undying passion of wanting the love of your life around. Near you or somewhere closer to you. The sense of melancholy is greater nothing can make it better but you.
I love you so much. My heart aches when I am not close to you. When I have to come to my home and when you have to go to yours, when we have to sleep thinking of the other fighting the empty space, it hurts me.
I will be with you, near you, for the time being in our dreams but I will come to you.
I love you…

~ Dilly ~