With love, anything is Possible…

Good morning my baby.

A day without you but I can cope with the feeling of meeting you tomorrow. It’s the hope that makes me alive. I reflect on the past, where I used to be nagging and possessive, worrying you even for little things, calling you in the midst of night, saying I miss you. Guess those are childish demeanor. I, who have no experience, in real and pure love, was longing for your company, all the time but your world is different and I did not realize it then. The more I hold you tightly, the more you went away from me and I can’t imagine the pains I give you. I was almost hysterical and mad and possessive and jealous.

I am really very sorry and I mean it. You are the best thing happened to me, undouobtedly and I should love you for who you are not for who I want you to be. I should have given you, your much needed freedom without frustrate you.

Anyway I learnt my lesson, the hard way and I thought I would die in the process but God was merciful enough to let me live. That is why I say God is great. He knows exactly he is doing. He knows that I love you so much, so he gave you back to me, teaching me a lesson for the life time.

I love you. I know we have to be strong and have a lot of faith. I believe in our love, so I know with love, anything is possible…


~ Dilly ~



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