My life is solely yours…

My whole life depends on you. I don’t know whom I would be without you. My entire world revolves around you. You, my love, has showed me anything is possible if we truly believe in it. What my life would be if I have not met you. A colourless,boring, monotonous and miserable one. You made my life brighter and hopeful. I know it’s just a matter of time before we fly away from here,  trying to find our own safe place where you and me can be together as one. At the moment I feel miserable and I can’t wait to see you but as you always say everything will be just fine. I know my baby, sadness and misery is not here to stay.
I believe in love and I believe in you. God knows how much you mean to me. I have full faith in him and my love for you. He will help us and show us the way.
With love anything is possible my sweetest love.
I live for You…

~ Dilly ~
19/10 / 2013


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