I am selfish, but I love you…

I feel sad about how people whom I thought my friends treat me. They are simply not there and I used to believe in friendship so much. It’s just a word and those whom I thought my friends have not really considered me as one of them, otherwise where are they now?

You were right all the time. In this whole world, you are the only one I can count on, I can trust and I can love. You love me, that is the greatest feeling of all. It’s the best feeling and most secured feeling. To have someone to love. People crave for love but they don’t get it more often. I am lucky. To have your love. I need you in my life. Am I selfish? I think so. I am a selfish girl who would die to have your love.

Would you love me too, forgiving me, this selfish girl?



~ Dilly ~




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