You are my life blood…

I can’t exactly remember when I have started to love you this much. I can’t remember the exact moment I have decided to give my life to you. I love you, that I know and I know love is one of the most painful things in life as well as the best blessing. I sometimes wish that I could die just now, then I will die thinking of you, without getting old and withered. Just the way you like. But then you will be alone, which I can’t bear to think. I want to be with you, spend my days with you, I have decided to. It is a very conscious decision and I know it make both of us happy. You have become my life blood. I can’t separate you from my body. You are the beat of my heart. I survive because of you and your love. I have tasted death and I don’t want to go there. Why should I when I can live a happy life with YOU my baby?

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~ Dilly ~



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