So be it…

I feel you are a stranger at times. Me with my ardent devotion and you with your indifference, I sometimes wonder do you love me really. When I think that you are not near me, I feel a deep sense of emptiness, a void. Most of the time I wonder what you must be feeling. You don’t show what you feel and you have walked on this earth more than me.

I am just a youngling comparing to your experience. You have your own responsibility and I don’t want to give you extra burden. I consider sometimes what is the point of my life. I am just a misunderstood lonely soul. I love you. I have no doubt about it but sometimes you shout at me or act in complete silence.

It hurts me for I do not know how long I will live. Every minute I want to spend loving you. And sometimes you do love me but sometimes you are too lazy to even care.
I have given myself to you, so be it. I never repent.

~ Dilly ~


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