I Thank Thee…

I am running out of words to praise you. You would ask “ why praise me?”

Well, because you deserve it. Mundane explanation isn’t suffice, so I want to express myself extraordinarily. I am writing poems, in such passion and letters too. I want everyone in the world to know what an inspiration you are to me. You are not just a person, who just exist. You have made a positive impact on my life and I am truly, truly blessed to have you. I want to look after you and I want to be looked after by you. I want you to be gentle with me and pamper me. I love to be pampered, hearing luby duby words by you. I am bit old for that but still.

Even if you never do any of those, still I am insanely happy with you and happy to be your love.

I thank thee…

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~ Dilly ~



The smile I would die for…

We have come so far together. I have shed tears, so did you, when I was acting like a lunatic sometimes. I wasn’t really mad, but the idea of living without you mad me insane.

I still remember how you touched my hand for the first time, I was driving and you touched my hand, slowly softly with bit hesitation. I liked it. I liked the feeling of your warm hand brushing mine, giving me wonderous feeling, a sensation which I did not felt before. I loved you at that moment and a river was flowing in me, a river of love and affection.

When you were not near me, my heart was sad and I could not cope. I cried in pain. It was agonizing. For the first time of my life, I felt what love is. All my senses seek you, retorting and rushing towards you and my love was overflowing. I remember how you waited for me, your eyes seeking my presence and when you see me finally, the smile that I would die for. Even now I see it. It is still there. You hardly show that but I sense it.

Every moment of you shows how much you love me. I was a fool not to see that. I am innocent my baby. I have loved you, only you and I am and always will. You mean the world to me and I am not just saying but I have no means of proving it. I forgive everything you do, you have made me cry by your bolts of anger and I am afraid of those. It is like hot coal on my bare skin. I burn, mercilessly. Do you feel my pain?

But I always believe that you are the best thing that has happened to me. We love each other, we think of each other and I am sure I will die before you. Don’t hurt me if you can because I have ocean full of love, in my heart, just for you and I have dedicated my poor soul to you, without any fear. It is yours now. Save it and save me from my tears.

I love you so very much…

~ Dilly ~


You make my heart beat…

You can be really fun. That is one shade of you. Fun loving and gentle and full of awesomeness. You are allergic to negativity and gloom. You just shine like the powerful sun. You shower your might and rise, you are just too perfect. But always down to earth and humble, your greatest virtue. My baby, you have brought light to my grey world and now it shine bright with multicolour rainbows.
I owe you with my soul…

~ Dilly ~

The spark….

A night full of darkness. You are not near me physically but in my mind’s eye I see you brighter than the sun. You are the sun of my lonely world. Who would I be without you, a crazy wanderer who seek love but never finding it. I found all the answers to my used to be boring life. You are like a spark plug, sparkling my whole life in just a micro second. A real gentle one I always wanted and adore. You understand me exceptionally well and I want to say I am so proud of you my baby.
I love you so much….

~ Dilly ~

My God?

I’m in love with you and say it out loud. It’s not enough, when I write; I feel I can write more, so I write more. But it’s not enough. Not enough. I argue with myself. I can love you more; there must be zillion ways to show love, isn’t it? I have to find them, because you deserve to love by me in those zillion ways and more. You are worth it. When someone look at you, you are just the ordinary one from outside, but I tell them, looks can be deceptive, what matters is what’s inside, the love and affection that can’t be measured.

I love you more than before. You know everything, how to handle anything. Is it wrong when I call you “ MY GOD”?


~ Dilly ~


Your love is brighter than the Sunshine*…

When we are together life is so bright and I feel it’s brighter than the sunlight. You, amazing you, take my breath away, simply by being there. You do not put any super human effort to impress me, you are not an extra ordinary powerful mortal but still you have so much power and aura around you, pure magnetism I would say that makes me come and glue to you. Don’t laugh but you are a magician in my eyes, a perfect one. You have flaws of course but in my eyes, you are perfect. You are perfect not because of money or fame or social disposition but purely because I love you. I love you with every atom of my body and I do not want a Valentine’s day to say how much I love you

I just love you so much. You are the ONE…

ANYWAY Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet baby…

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* 100th love letter to you on Valentine’s Day.

~Dilly ~



I need you to be alive.

Is there a better compliment than that about how much you mean to me?

I love you…




~ Dilly ~