I love you so very very much…

I am this crazily over dramatic person who takes things the wrong way at times. I overreact, big time and obviously fear your wrath which is totally justifiable. My frustration make me poorly handle normal day to day situations and I act absurdly. I admit. This is never an excuse for my behaviour. I am truly ashamed of the way I behaved that day, which almost make me lose you and all the tears that I shed or would have been shed would be just futile and meaningless.

You handled things very well. Just like a well matured and sensible person would act. Thank god for that. I was a pain in the ass, may be more, in my pain driven state of mind. I was afraid of loosing you. That is the nightmare I had for the last couple of days. I know not how to live without you.  You are deeply engraved in every bone marrow of me. That critical my situation of life.

I need to regain my lost spirit and lost adoration of yours. In the long run love is not enough to survive.  Love is just one factor and there are many other important components for a healthy relationship. Patience is a must which I had but now I lack. Let time heal my fears. I want to be in love with you always and forever. I want to be a cool breeze not a cruel hurricane that would ruin everything on its way.

Your love is more important to me than anything on earth…

~ Dilly ~


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