I believe in God, always..

You and me are hundred or more miles away from each other but the most amazing feeling is that wherever you are, I can always be next to you in my mind’s eye. You may be having many things to do and no time to think of me or anything. That is just fine. Last night I woke up thinking of you. It’s the only thing that I simply can go on doing. Am I crazy to love you like this? You are like a drug to me, a good kind of course where I keep get addicted, willingly.

God has a special plan for us. He indicated it with his blessing many times. I would always go that extra mile for you, in everything I do. You are that much important to me and I suffer when I try to find enough words to express my love and gratitude to you. You are the greatest package God has ever created and he must be really proud of you as I am.

I Adore you but I fail to explain how much because it overflows every time I think of you.

You are my life blood…

~ Dilly ~


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