Your love is brighter than the Sunshine*…

When we are together life is so bright and I feel it’s brighter than the sunlight. You, amazing you, take my breath away, simply by being there. You do not put any super human effort to impress me, you are not an extra ordinary powerful mortal but still you have so much power and aura around you, pure magnetism I would say that makes me come and glue to you. Don’t laugh but you are a magician in my eyes, a perfect one. You have flaws of course but in my eyes, you are perfect. You are perfect not because of money or fame or social disposition but purely because I love you. I love you with every atom of my body and I do not want a Valentine’s day to say how much I love you

I just love you so much. You are the ONE…

ANYWAY Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet baby…

large (1)


* 100th love letter to you on Valentine’s Day.

~Dilly ~



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