Nothing is impossible…

When someone feel the love of their life, in every breath, that is quite something don’t you think? It is a rare phenomenon since all are thinking of how to make “their” lives better and never reciprocate.

If I say I love you that would be an understatement. It does not exactly depict the immense adoration I have for you. It’s a craze to love someone so madly, despite the follies of both sides and pains of the heart.

As you say “Nothing is impossible”. What a lesson was that?  I am happy and proud to be on your side and to share my life with you. I love you and no matter what, we will find a way to reach our dreams and I know we would be so happy together, in times to come and in after lives too.

Forgive me for reserving you, for me, all for myself.

I just love you so much…


~ Dilly ~



My Calling…

When we started our relationship, we had no clue where it would go. But when time passes us by I realized why I met you and why I fell for you.
Everything has a meaning in life and everything happens for a reason. After some time of our courting I understood my calling.
I am meant to love you and live for You. In this life and after lives. I love you so very very much.
You are my calling….

~ Dilly ~

I can’t help falling in love with you..

Writing you a love letter means I am happy and relaxed and the gloomy dark clouds of pain is no more. I get agitated sometimes but believe me I don’t want to. I love you so much and I have promised to love you eternally. I am with you not because of the promise but because I need to. I know no one can make me feel the way you do. There is something about you which is irresistible and I keep falling in love with you. I am sorry but I can’t help loving you.

~ Dilly ~

Running out of words…

I love you.
I am running out of words, as always but I am not willing to give up trying. I will find innovation.
Nothing is impossible when you love me.
You are the best…

~ Dakshi ~
08/03 / 2014

Fact that you know…

I was thinking all the ups and downs we had. All the pain I gave you and you gave me. How I disappointed you and you disappointed me. All in all, what matters is, even now you make me hot and cold at the same time and I think it is pure awesome. Love will decay, a smarty pant said but love would not. Many people tried to eradicate it from this earth it blossoms again and again, in the minds of us. Love never decays or get old. Perspective is. So since I want to fall in love everyday with you, I changed my perspective.
You are not perfect. Your ways have eroded my heart in zillion ways. I have to bear lots of pains and I am not the naïve girl you met couple of years ago. I was not sure of the powers of my love before. I was scared to lose you but I fear nothing now. It is a fact that we are meant to go that long long way. So better get used to it because I have asked for you in lives to come too. I have so much love for you, I want to give everything to you and make you satisfied. I may not sound gentler and stupid like before but the fact remain true to my heart.
I love you btw It’s a fact….

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~ Dilly ~


My Blessed Love…

I just love you so much without even thinking whether you would love me back.  Love is selfless and pure. May be you have not witnessed that sort of love in your life but believe me there is.
Love is patient and kind. It is not boastful but humble and quiet. I do not want to explain how much my love would weight because it is simply useless.
Being in love and being loved by the one you love is the greatest thing on earth. So I think I am just so luck to be blessed to have a love like yours.
I love you so much…

~ Dilly ~