Fact that you know…

I was thinking all the ups and downs we had. All the pain I gave you and you gave me. How I disappointed you and you disappointed me. All in all, what matters is, even now you make me hot and cold at the same time and I think it is pure awesome. Love will decay, a smarty pant said but love would not. Many people tried to eradicate it from this earth it blossoms again and again, in the minds of us. Love never decays or get old. Perspective is. So since I want to fall in love everyday with you, I changed my perspective.
You are not perfect. Your ways have eroded my heart in zillion ways. I have to bear lots of pains and I am not the naïve girl you met couple of years ago. I was not sure of the powers of my love before. I was scared to lose you but I fear nothing now. It is a fact that we are meant to go that long long way. So better get used to it because I have asked for you in lives to come too. I have so much love for you, I want to give everything to you and make you satisfied. I may not sound gentler and stupid like before but the fact remain true to my heart.
I love you btw It’s a fact….

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~ Dilly ~



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