Sorry is not enough…

Sometimes I act stupidly and then feel ashamed of the way I behaved. That is when you explained me that I was not in my best behavior. Then I feel sorry for you, for bearing up with me, later I feel angry with myself, for making you undergo such pains and then I feel like hiding in a tunnel or somewhere no one would come.

I think of only myself. It disgusts me. I say, I think of you more than me but really? I think of my pains and melancholia but not yours. You are the one, fighting a battle of your own, to be with me and love me. I should understand that.

From my childhood, I got all the love and care in the world and I never had to think how it would come or is it difficult o show affection at some scenarios. I was poured with love and that’s it. I never had to ask for love or beg or wait. Am I psychologically imbalanced, I don’t think so but I should not have behaved that way, making myself a burden to you.

Sorry is not enough…


~ Dilly ~



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