A serious wish…

I love you. I start all my letters by saying so. It is true. With loads on my back and lots of things going on, basically chores, I am uneasy. I need you, to be with me, a dream I may hardly be able to fulfill. I miss you, when we don’t talk my heart just break. Do you know that feeling of being lost among the crowd? I don’t know why I love you this much. But I do. I really really do. You are too adorable to resist. I pray that we could be able to be together till eternity. I seriously wish that.

~ Dilly~



Today was not tired as yesterday. Was able to spend more time with you. Was able to stare at you and be amazed.

~ Dilly~

I could just…


Couldn’t be with you as I want and it hurts me. In our lives we become busy at times, not being able to be with the love of our lives. We do everything for them, work hard for them, do everything they need but we feel it’s not enough.
I do everything to be successful and then I know I can give you everything.  You can be at ease, relaxed and I want that. I don’t mind shedding my sweat or blood or dying for you.
Do you know that?
I could die to give a better life for you. ..

~ Dilly~

Another ♥ filled 19th…


Another 19th day of a month. Reminds me of how badly I treated you on a particular 19th. That was exactly two years and 11 months ago. But see I am today.  Head to toe in love with you. I have utmost love and respect for you. You are the blessing in my life. The one and only. Without any doubt,  God must have seen my melancholic state and sent you.
Thank God…

~ Dilly~

My God you are…

I am all yours and you have all the rights about me. It is a fact.  When I first said ” I do” I have given you the power to love me or crush and burn me.
You are my God…

~ Dilly~

I wish I am…

One day. Two days. Today is the third day and you don’t seem to be missing me. It’s ok. I miss you and I will keep it in my heart. You being the sophisticated deep thinker, these kind of emotions must be novel to you. Love makes me miserable at times and I wish I am dead.

~ Dilly~


Didn’t hear you for the whole day. Four more long days to go. I feel a huge chunk of my life is missing and there is a hollow inside my heart. But I can’t do anything about it but wait. We have obviously met for a reason and in gloomy days like this all I can do is sit and wait. I am a mature adult and I have to bear this somehow.
God help me…

~ Dilly~