Sadness, melancholy and hurt…


I feel sad at times. Then either I would grin and bear or call you. Its frustrating not to have what we want.  To be alone on a cold bed when you are many miles away. Listening to the rain and howling wind outside my window. It hurts. Thinking that you missed me but to know it’s not much, hurts. But I have gone through lots of pain in my short span of life.
In my life I have only asked for one thing. That is YOU. There is something irresistible about you, which make me take the plunge in to deep waters. I think of how we used to be. Careless but free. Just like kids but we are burdened now. With unquenchable hopes. No one to help us. Guide us or make our lives easy. Just you and me. I refused myself to tell you how exactly I feel at times but my heart suffer to see you, in agony but never revealing.
I feel sorry for us.
How much we love  but every night we are so far from the other. To me it is the  greatest pain on earth. It hurts like hell.

~ Dakshi~


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