Holding tight…

Last night I slept well, as usual. But there was something I did after a long time which I was wondering why I stopped for some time.
When we were first courting, I missed you so much. So much, it felt as if I’m dying every time I said ” Good night”. So when I was going to sleep, I was holding my extra pillow, thinking it is You.
But after some time, you were unhappy and scolded me and made me sad. I was in agony and I didn’t want to hold something that makes me scared.
I was scared of your anger because it can make you some one whom you are not.  A total stranger.
Time went by and I am not childish anymore. But out of the blue, yesterday I had the longing to hold my extra pillow to my heart and of course I did.
Boy! It felt good and I was not cold anymore.
Sharing the bed does not necessarily mean you have to have sex but if you are in love, not the immature infatuation but the real thing, even an immaterial common pillow can remind me of the love of your life.
Just like what I felt after that.
A real peace of mind…

~ Dilly~



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