I am there for you, always baby…

Being alive is not easy. Killing one self is so easy. Whoosh… just gone from this cruel world. “Let anyone cry over me”, someone might think. True. Once we are dead, we cannot see what is happening around us. We are not responsible. We don’t care too hoots. In short, we are selfish. We think only of us. We think “we are dead now, nothing can touch us”. True. But I think it’s just being cowards.
Life is given to us. We are not strangled by our parents when we were born. They should have. But they didn’t. They could have. But they didn’t. We grew up. We became what we are. We made bonds.
I met you. You said it’s alright to fall in love. Yes. It was. Because of my childish demeanour, you left me couple of times.
You know, I feel like dying. I wanted to kill myself. What is the point of living without you? But I couldn’t. I am still alive and you are with me. World is vulgar. People are crazy but we have to find a way out. You are there.  That’s all I want. I will help you out of this. I am not going to let you suffer like this. I am here for you. I love you. I love you so so very much.

~ Dilly ~


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