With you all my life…

Another year ends. Full of ups and downs. Bitterness and happiness. We fought a lot but at the end of the day we made up. That is the beauty of being in a relationship. Not just any relationship but a relationship with understanding. It’s not easy to be with you but I am because I love you. I want to spend my time, my life with you. I love you. Do you?


~ Dilly~



You are grumpy today. I feel remorseful. No thoughts today…

~ Dakshi~

Think a little please?

You sound uncertain and it makes me heartbroken. I used to be a simple girl with not much hope you know. You showed me that there are dreams that we should achieve and now you can’t step down. I might sound idiotic but what I say is the truth. Just do the basics right and you will be fine. We are dreaming the same dream and we can make it true. Just a lot of faith and trust you must place on me. I have never let you down, all my life I have tried my best to make me happy. You should calm down first and start thinking from your brain.
Who taught me nothing is impossible?
I love you so much, please fight for our future?

~ Dilly~

God’s blessings…


19th of every month bring special memories to me. After all these years, we are together. Mature now but going through the same emotions when I see you. Patient now and I know for sure that we are meant to be. God gave his blessings baby…
I love you so much….

~ Dilly~

Live and love…


Just stay strong ok. I want you to be. Give me strength too. We can win this. Just a little faith. You got me, I got you. We got our love. Let’s live and love…

~ Dilly~

My Super Hero…

I wrote a post about lone souls and deleted it today. Its a matter of us talking.  When I hear your voice,  I feel everything is fine.  Its just amazing.  You are my SUPER HERO…

~ Dilly~