Do you feel the same?


To be in love is not an easy thing. Especially when you two live away from the other. But we have managed. We don’t have to try to make the other happy but it happens naturally. Love flows like a river and we are crusading. It is not a smooth ride. Both of us are sacrificing many things for the other. The common belief that I am meant to die near you is strong in both hearts.
I don’t pressurise you. But I would reiterated one thing. One very crucial factor. If you are not there in my life when I am achieving what we both wanted to achieve, I would not see a point of my existence. Every single sacrifice we made thinking of the other would be a waste, such a waste our love would laugh at us.
I believe,still and will I always would believe, that you and me are meant to be together as long as our hearts beat. Do you feel the same?

~ Dilly~


A flashback…


I am a girl who wrote a letter for each day to you, when I was out of the country. It was a time communication was hard for us. I am reminiscing and I feel so good. To consider such a detail? We are who we were. If we dig a bit deeper it is evident that history repeats. My love with go round and round you and still be intact. I am watching you and doing every possible thing to make you happy.
I believe the best for us, are yet to come. A day our dreams come true.


~ Dilly~

‘Nough said…

I have talked enough. Said lot of things and wrote a lot of poems. I think it’s time to practice what I preached.
You will see.

~ Dilly~
I am yours.


You live within me…


Another 19th. The day where you and me had started this some years ago. A 19th of June it was but I celebrate every 19th, even though I am poor as a church mice now.
You live within me. I don’t feel that you are a separate entity. When I breathe, you breathe within me.
I love you, you do too.
Try to be bit gentler please?

~ Dilly~

I have to survive…

I used to stand alone in a crowd. I was not afraid  had the guts. Then you came along. I am so used to you. I even breathe thinking of you. Do I have to dissect my heart to let you see how I really feel?
I don’t think so. But now for us both, I am alone here and I feel it intensely. I don’t want anyone but you here because no one can make me feel the way you do.
I love you so much and I miss you more every second, more than the one before…

~ Dilly~

I am not so young…


I heard you on and off. My life is not a bed of roses. Full of sour moments and heart breaks. Disappointed frustrating moments. But I have you. That is the only solace I have. A mighty one. I love you, I have told you that for zillion times. I might not be the young girl whom you set eyes many years ago. Aren’t we all old although we tend to feel young at heart?

~ Dilly~

Tomorrow is now…

I came home running just to talk to you. I have almost an hour. It is a long time. But your mood was off. You cut me off coldly. “Tomorrow I will talk to you” you said and when I was in mid sentence you have hanged up. I feel a lump in my throat, a heavy lump, trying to stop my breathing. If it succeed, there will be no tomorrow for you to hear me. The time is now, the place is here.
Tomorrow is now….

~ Dilly~