Do you feel the same?


To be in love is not an easy thing. Especially when you two live away from the other. But we have managed. We don’t have to try to make the other happy but it happens naturally. Love flows like a river and we are crusading. It is not a smooth ride. Both of us are sacrificing many things for the other. The common belief that I am meant to die near you is strong in both hearts.
I don’t pressurise you. But I would reiterated one thing. One very crucial factor. If you are not there in my life when I am achieving what we both wanted to achieve, I would not see a point of my existence. Every single sacrifice we made thinking of the other would be a waste, such a waste our love would laugh at us.
I believe,still and will I always would believe, that you and me are meant to be together as long as our hearts beat. Do you feel the same?

~ Dilly~


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