My sun…

When you are in a good mood, you make me crazy with your love.
I should give more love to you. I am sorry for not looking after you properly. I love you, no other human can take that feeling away from me because you are just unique and my only sun.
My baby….


~ Dilly~


Tell me…

You act so cool even without me. I am half dead. What am I doing wrong?

~ Dilly~

Murderous Pain…

After all these years ,months and days of togetherness,  sudden unexpected fights and long long painful solitary nights where sometimes you decide to teach a lesson to me, which you succeed of course, I still love you. Less childish at times but the intensity of missing you is still grave, the pain of being away is still excruciating. Every moment I wait to hear you, your voice is like a cure from heaven,  if I hear you that is. Head spins with these thoughts. What are you upto?
My thoughts kill me. The pain is murderous.

~ Dilly~