Four years…

Four years is a long time.  But it is just a number when I think of the years we are to passed. I am not perfect, so are you. I used to worship you but now I see your flaws and weaknesses. You are an imperfect mortal, who roam around this world aimlessly and then we met. Both of us are not easy people to be with. You with your responsibilities and I with my overdose of love and melancholy when you are not around. Sometimes you like something which I would not like.
Being with you has made me a better, successful person. I am not afraid to take risks and live on the edge. I trust you and love you. At times you cannot be there, you might be angry with me, you want to be there but you can’t, it could be just anything.
But I love you, no one can make me feel the way you do. I want you to be relaxed. Our life can be full of adventures but there is a time and place for everything. May be our time has not come yet.
Be patient and I am thankful my baby, for being my heart beat, my guiding star, you have the one thing that I have no words to praise,
Your love…

Happy Anniversary my darling.


I love you, always and forever.


~ Dilly~


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