Brutal truth…

What I am about to say, I would say to my destiny. I am not good at trying harder because I have done more than the best I can to make my dreams come true. I have done every possible thing and may be God is not there, may be he don’t want to be bothered about me or my dreams. He knows very well what I wanted.
Let it be. I am going to take one day at a time and live till I die. When I retrospect, life sucks. But for some life gives everything. I think it is time to stop dreaming and be brutally realistic. I am stuck here till my last breath.


3 thoughts on “Brutal truth…

  1. I know what you are feeling and sometimes I feel the same: being left alone in my own hands and nobody to turn to but then there is a realization. May be right now, it is hard and brutal but it will ease down or I will learn to bear the burden. In both the cases, I will be free.

    Don’t give up, Dakshi. You don’t even know how good life could get in the future because we are so busy cursing the present.


    • I do not mind being alone dear. But I have a wish to roam around and be free. That is not even happening, not even a clue and it make me disheartened and frustrated. I loose faith in God.

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