Tell me how?

I love you, your every way. My oxygen you are…

~ Dilly~


Will you do the same?

I will do everything within my power, everything with my soul, to be with you. I will love you truly and I hope you would do the same ?

~ Dilly~

Simple truth, simplified…

I want forever. Soneday, I will die before you but till then I want to be with you. When you are by my side I can face anything, you don’t have to make speeches or go hundred miles for me or fight a dragon but simply be there. You have proved your worth, you have already proved it is impossible to separate myself from you. I do not want to tire you by explaining the depth of my love or the width but I would simply say this.

~ Dilly~


My life is…

What I love about you is your honesty. You don’t have to hide things or have a rosy picture, just say the truth and out about it. I love you, it is a fact actually and it is what’s keep me going when skies are grey.
You make me strong.

My baby, you are my life…

~ Dilly~