My mind, twist and turns. Just like my body, I toss and turn. Thoughts rush and stop and wonder. I want to be understood. Loved. Not by any other. Tears come rushing. I am cold. You think of me as a nuisance. Someone who keep saying that same mantra. I have lived enough without you. I do not want to go on in this manner. But days are longer and colder and lonelier. What is the point of having diamonds, without you?
Tell me….

~ Dilly~


Hope to see you in my dreams…

I would beg you, hurt you, force you but at the end of the day, thinking of you before I sleep and hope to see you in my dreams. What does that mean you think?

~ Dilly ~

Know that…

I don’t want to make you tired. You sound so. I would rather kill myself than making you do something that you don’t want. But I have made a conscious decision to love you and be with you. To do so we have to be together. I am having a chest pain from time to time and may be, just may be, I would be dead when you see this. But I want you to fulfill my dream.  My last wish.
Fly. As far as possible. Go up and fly. It will give my soul some peace.
I love you so very much. Know that…

~ Dilly~