My life, My Soul…


It’s another 19th. Our special day. You know how thankful I am to have you?
I love you.
Truly, madly and with all my soul.
We don’t see eye to eye at times and fight,  yes but it is essential for a healthy relationship I think. You push me forward, always have and I sincerely believe that I am giving enough support for your success.
I love you my baby, my sweetest love.
I need you till my last breath and after life too…
My life is you…

~ Dilly~


Do care….

I was thinking a lot thesedays. I do not reply want to live a single day without you. Let alone that, I cannot live a single second without you. You and me have faced hell lot of hardships, we fought but we are together still. Not just together but we love. I want you to take responsibility of my life.  I don’t want you to carry me away but give me solidarity, a sense of assurance that you will always be there. I want you. What can I do,  I cannot live without you.
I love you so much…

~ Dilly~

Thought of the day…

I was thinking, I say I love you, every day and every night. You must be thinking why I keep say that. “You know I know, why should I repeat it?”, you must be thinking.
Also, when I have reached a certain goal, which you are going to achieve soon, you think it’s easy for me to preach. My head is swelled now and I talk big. Those are some of your accusations.
But I want you to know this. I do not want to explain myself when I am perfectly aware of my feelings for you. The burning sensation in my heart and nostrils is a proof and I say no more.
Love doesn’t need to be proved. It just has to be understood.

~ Dakshi~