19th again…

It is our special day. 19th every month. We celebrate. Unlike those days, there are hundred things on our minds, hundred worries and untold pains and fears.
I remember how our love was when we started this relationship. It was fun and spontaneous. Full of passions and surprises. When time pass us by we are too serious and too worried and trying to perfect things and the spontaneity dies in the process. Love is there, no doubt.  But fear of life has crushed it.
I love you, I am worried about you, I think of you all the time. I am getting angry with people for the slightest thing. I think it is part of being an adult. The constant uncomfortable feeling. Guess we all have to live with it.
Happy 19th love. We will make use of our faith and sail forward.


~ Dilly~


Chasing negativity away…

You are fragile and bit negative right now.  You think you don’t deserve to be happy. It’s not the truth. You me we all deserve to be happy and to achieve what we dream of all the time.
Have a little faith, will you?

~ Dilly~