Happy birthday babes…

Its the end of another year and coincidentally your birthday too. So I would like very much to wish you a very very Happy birthday and another New Year is knocking our doors. I see a promising and positive year ahead of us and I wish we would be able to see the world, starting from the next year.
Let us keep our fingers crossed. Have fun today and for the rest of the year baby.

Love you…

~ Dilly~


Holiday blues, cont’d…

Sitting at home and thinking today we were not that close. Holidays does that. You are there and I am here and there is gaza strip between us, it seems to me. We are separate entities living together for the love we share and when it’s impossible to see the other it is natural you get all worked up. I feel your anger and think of my side of the story too. I am just a scared deer.


Frog and well…

I got holiday blues. Lying down on my bed and reading a novel in such a relaxed fashion, I think like a philosopher. But I am just an idealist, who think of a better world or a better time. I am just a dreamer, afraid of realities of life, just live under a huge cloud of hallucination. It is the truth, I should have fight and see the world. Not sleeping at night like the only frog in the well.


Instead of saying “Goodnight” at the middle of the day, you could have asked, “How are you?” and it won’t hurt either of us.
Knowing that you are busy, I don’t want to cling to you and be miserable. Instead I do household chores and read. Days pass very slowly but I am not going to complain because I cannot do anything about it. Holidays are depressing times, it makes you ponder into things.
I hope you are ok and doing fine.

~ Dilly~


I should have written a letter or two per day to you. I was so ungenerous. I am sorry.

~ Dilly~