My Inspiration…


Sometimes I write when I am sad but when you are angry with me, I can barely breathe. Before I met you, before you said I am yours some five years ago, I wrote not so romantic musings. But you made me deeply feel things. My heart ached when you are far. True , over the years, we could not be together as we want. I could not love you enough. But you let me shine in this blogesphere. You are my star, my sun and moon altogether. You made me a poet because I truly feel things when I am with you. I feel things acutely. I do not want us to be away from the other for a short time even. I am not unfaithful, as you know I have only eyes for you and even my spirit belongs to you but I want us to witness the whole new world together, hand in hand, lips brushing one another, may be some steamy action.
Even without any of that, I would still and will love you.


~ Dilly~


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