God will not let me be in pain…

I have not started loving you just to pass time or till I achieve success as the world say. I love you willingly, I love you with all my heart and soul and there is no substitute for you. Love needs patience and understanding. I love you, you love me, so I see no reason for us to be disheartened. God will not let us down. May your mind be open to the solution. I don’t want long distance, I want you near with me, where I can touch you with my soul.
I love you my love. Have faith for me. Let’s see how much God loves me because if so he will not like to see me in pain.

~ Dilly~


I am…

Don’t be indifferent to me. I can’t bear. I love you, you know.

~ Dilly~

Patience, Grasshopper…

I know we are meant to be together. I don’t know how or when but we will find a way. Patience we would have, ok?

~ Dilly~