I practice what I preach…

You must be thinking how easy for me to preach. I got everything,  you think and I will vanish just like that, you might think. As far as I know, anyone is free to have their own beliefs, you can say anything to me, because I love you and it gives you unlimited powers over me. But do not use that power for a wrong cause. What we have cannot erase over night. Life would be hard and we have bear with the other and be patient but that is a test.
Love is not loving you when everything is all set but being there for the other when everything is going wrong. In your case, it is not. We have some good ammunition left. Why don’t we use it and light up our lives? You and me, we have gone through a lot of pain. Not because either of us were unfaithful but because of lack of understanding and patience. I am up for it, are you?

~ Dilly~


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