It’s time, baby…


I hear you. You are an open book where people may find easy to read. I read you comprehensively and I know how your heart beat at this very moment of time. You feel destiny has played a trick on you. You are supposed to be where you want and live your life the way you always dreamt of but no, now you have to bear burdens of others and it pisses you off. But let me tell you one simple thing. I think no one has told this to you in your entire life but I think you are meant for greatness. Now don’t think that I consider you as a super hero, actually in secrecy I still hope for that, but you are meant for greater things.  Not this mundane tasks that bore you to death and make you want to take your own life because of the sheer boredom but there are better things in life.
All these years together, I want you to believe in yourself. You made me believe in myself and look where we are today. You are a tough cookie too. The toughest I have known but you lack self belief and trust me, wherever you want to go, you would get there just trigger those right emotions.
For me, please?

~ Dilly~


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