Let it be…


You might be thinking what the hell is wrong with life, now that I am away you might be thinking what is the meaning of life. I am here and you are there and we are oceans apart. True. I do not have a better argument for what you are saying because it is true. I am sick to the core of being alone in a cold country and I should have stayed. That I thought in first two three days. But baby, if both of us are there, how are we to make our dreams come true. How are we to be together. How? Now that I am here I think there is a better chance than before. Don’t you agree?
I know it sucks to be with people we hate to be but I don’t think life would be that bad for us. Life has its own pace and we just have to be positive and open our eyes wide to the opportunities.  Have faith my love. Life would not disappoint us.

~ Dilly~


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