This would be the #300.

Loving you is like loving the rain.We have no idea it would be just a drizzle or a it will bring down hail.

Loving you is like loving the sun. The rays can be gentle and sometimes they would make you burn.

Loving you is like loving the wind. It might amount to a hurricane and twist everything around.

You taught me a lot. I never knew there were predetors around but you taught me to be cautious. Even when we are far.

Sometimes I am wondering whether I am living a dream. Anytime I would be awake and then I can run to you. I want to be with you. You might smirk after hearing this. But you know what I meant. I was living a pretty good life. I was driven by the fact that in order to have a secured life I must leave. I was so wrong. Today is 1st and I was here almost a month now. I know what hell is like if there is one. Day by day I am feeling depressed. I am hallucinating. I can’t breathe. I wake up at the middle of the night.

Now it is 1.10pm. I am going to go around with my resume. I want to be happy.

I have no idea when would I smile again.Try to understand me.

Good morning!


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