19th and far…(71 days away)

Today is a 19th. But for you it is 20th. We cannot celebrate our anniversary together even. You know I celebrate every 19th. What is the point of this life really?





Its been 70 days. There is a hole inside my heart and it makes me hard to breathe.


Lost faith…

You are asleep. I am awake. I am living your yesterday and you live my night to come. When can we see the sun rise and sunset together?

I really had a lot of faith in God. After I started loving you, I have not asked anything for me from God but everything for you. So either God is deaf and blind or he is testing my faith. The sad news is I have reduced to a person who start the day with tears and end in the same style. I hope God must be enjoying this show.
~ Dilly ~


64 days…

Life is canada or heaven for that matter,does not mean a thing if YOU are not hear with me. You matter to me, more than everything else.

I love you so much. Too cold. Wish you are here to hold my hand and make me warm. It is been 64 days. My life is a barren land without you.

I just miss you so much.
~ Dilly~


I am insane but it is ok…

I have found a way. Now I talk to you wherever I go. As if we are holding hands. I don’t care what people think. It is ok to be insane. Love is insane.
~ Dilly~