Not knowing…

Its been 60 days since I left the country and it hurts like hell still. It is more like 60 years of solitude.I have considered myself to be a strong person but what I never understood was that it was When you are around. Then I know I am in my comfort zone. I have not much regrets in my life but migrating is one of the top. I miss you just when you hang up and it is funny that you don’t want to see me in Skype. Then I will feel less agitated I am sure. I feel a sense of something missing and it is a terrible terrible feeling. I am sure although you miss me and at times you let it out when you are angry with me,you have it in control. I am hopeless. I dream day and night and I am getting old and scared.
When would I see you again? If I knew when all I have to do is count days. But now this not knowing kills me.
~ Dilly~



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