I will wait, as always…

I am not going above you and dictating terms in our relationship but you tend to think so. It is 2.40am and I cannot sleep. We fight a lot. Almost everyday. You misunderstand me and I am over possessive. I hate that and you know it well. I want things to be easy but how can it be when you think I use you till I find a bigger and better catch. It disgusts me. You and me, we were together for almost six years now. I had to escape from the suffocation but that did not mean I have failed you. I am not gallivanting with another and I am definitely not enjoying my life here and I am taking one day at a time. I am torn but I will not suicide because if I do that, I will never see you. You hate me almost everyday. AlI can do is wait. Till you become you. Till you come to your senses.

I will, as I did all my life.


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