I love you, always have always will…


I love you.

You know that.

I know you do too.

So let us not fight who love who the most. I miss you, so much. I know you miss me too, too much. I know you hate me for leaving. I have told you many times, reasons, but they are not good enough. That is why I asked yesterday whether you wanna try not talking again? I know it is a silly question but how many times we need to realize that it is inevitable that we keep falling back in love.

We are not together at the moment and I do not want to live away but can you please have some faith? It is not like I am living my life with another person. I seek you, I love you and I think of only you. These are not just words and you know that. You know me too well. You hated me for months? Were you happy? You were living a zombie life and I was too. Was it a good thing? No. We are in love and you will always end up loving me and I do not even try to be away from you, physically, yes. I am far away from you. It is fucking ridiculous but I want you to know this could work. I am not half the girl I am, if I am not with you.

I love you dammit. Can’t you see it?




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