I might be a Vampire…

I do not sleep well. I would either wake up whole night or sleep till the evening. My sleeping patterns made me a vampire, almost.

You are fast asleep now. It’s 1.30 in the morning for you. I live in your yesterday, it’s ironical isn’t it? Me coming seeking greener pastures when you showed me the path and the ditching me and bullshitting me that I miss you. What sort of a hypocrite I am. I am disgusted by myself. I seek pity from you, crying when you call me and all that. I am such an attention seeker, don’t you think so? A drama queen, as you always said. You are with me, out of habits and old habits die hard.

I am a fucked up. Why don’t you just leave me. You are far better off without me. I give you nothing to smile.





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