I love you, Poet…

I know you hate me but I want you to know this. I have never forgotten anything. Nothing’s forgotten, nothing’s ever forgotten, as long as I live. I remember you used to love my poetry. You were my inspiration. You commented once “ I love you, Poet.” I changed it to “ I love your poetry.” because I was not sure what was that, at that time and how silly I used to be. You read all my poetry, not merely liking them like a stranger, you commented on them. That was before you conquer my heart. What happened after?

Day by day, you were bitter and you stopped treating me like a special person. I used to be treated like a rose petal, so delicate. It was how you used to love me. You hated my tears. You wanted to make me happy. You made me happy but little by little you gave me lots of pains.

But you were my unborn child. I had that much of love for you. I still do, i guess that is why I can never give up on you. You are my baby. My life. My world. It would never change as long as I live. You don’t seem to see that.

For you it’s “ Out of sight, out of mind”, is it the case?

I am wrecked. I want you to know, because of you I am a wrecked soul now.




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