Read ME…

Snow is falling. Slowly. I stared outside the window. It is continuous. I keep looking. Now it falls faster than before. I sit in front of my laptop and listen to the moving vehicles outside. Soon everywhere would be surrounded.

You are like the snow. Slowly you come into my thoughts and soon I think of nothing but you. You are all over me. Sometimes I feel angry with you, for not caring, for not thinking about me. But I cannot hate you. I cannot stop loving you. I may not talk but I would never hate.

I wish you would read me. I am not a difficult read.




Open your eyes…

I should write to you more rather than poetry.

What do you think?

It matters, of course it matters.

You are the whole reason I write. If I did not write, I would already be stuck in some unknown lunatic asylum saying your name. In the first few months, I thought I would, honest to God. Tears came out as I breathe. With every heartbeat I cried. I cried. I cried.

It was pure torture. Just like walking on sizzling hot coal, burning my feet. Have you ever felt like that?

I had to find a distraction. It is either drugs, alcohol or some other form of addiction. I chose something which would not harm myself or you. In short “US”. My fanfiction and reading it to you, wondering whether you liked it, those are my simple pleasures now. Do you know I cried from work to home yesterday? Did you ask how my day was? Did you ask how I was feeling? Why do you always think I am not the person I used to be. You, out of all people. I thought you knew me. Obviously. I want to come home. I am wasting my time, being alone, not thinking of any other but you. Did you at least respect that?

May be you are a narcissist and I did not see that all these years.



19th and far…(71 days away)

Today is a 19th. But for you it is 20th. We cannot celebrate our anniversary together even. You know I celebrate every 19th. What is the point of this life really?



Not that it matters…

I waited til the last second so I can be with you. I did not plan or search anything. Just jump into unknown. But that is okay.

Talking to strangers is not my thing because the next time I tell you that you would jump to me. I walk alone, observing everything. I don’t want to ruin your life or mess it up.

 I truly love you. Just wanted to remind you that. Not that it matters to anyone. And yet you say you have no one.
~ Dilly~


I will always love you…

Today is not just another 19th. Today is 19th of June. The month and date we met. It was not love at first sight for me. But for you I think. I took my time and you were irresistible. You knew how to make me fell for you. It’s been five years now. We had fights, just like any couple but we sorted them out. That’s the most important thing. I love you and for you, I would do anything. I want to be next to you. At all times. Night and day, no matter how much we fight at times. It’s a part of a relationship right? But I don’t want to be remembered as the couple who always fought, so show some if your love okay?
I love you baby. Happy Anniversary!

~ Dilly~

19th, 19th…

My love letter blog has more than 100,000 views. That means you are such a famous star. And top of everything, today is a 19th. It was the day that we met. Now come to think of it, its just an accident. A lucky one for us. You have promised me that you would learn all the roads. But since I am better than GPS, I think we are safe.
Happy 19th Baby…

~ Dilly~