Love makes life live…*

I think I have told you million times that I am in love with you. May be more than that, not less. Without expecting anything I love you and I have not quantified how much you love me. I love you with my whole heart, body and soul. I dream of you, only you. I think of you, no one else comes to my mind. I don’t know that means fidelity or faithfulness. I do not dream of others, think of another or wish that someone else would be here instead of you. It disgusts me to think like that, honest o God. I feel I am betraying you. However handsome or attractive someone else would be, it is none of my business because what I want in my life, is right in front of me. I love you. I will always do. I don’t expect you to say the same or feel the same as me. I would be very happy if you say so or express it but even if you didn’t do so, I will just bend my head and still and will love you.

God is out there and he is watching and blessing me. That would be enough.



*My 50th love letter for you. I have written so many but due to an unexplainable situation those were lost and I have started again.


~ Dilly ~




My baby You…

I love you. You mean everything to me. you are the air I breathe. At times you are like the soothing wind but at times you are like a hurricane, devastating everything, including my heart. I am not hasty and I am mastering patience because what you and I have is so precious. Love is eternal and even in next lives to come, I love you. So at times we can’t meet or talk or spend time together as we please. It kills me. You think I am fine with it?

Not at all.

But I have hope, that God is not playing games with our hearts. I believe that he is blessing us with his love. I have faith in him.

I am yours. In this life and in many more lives to come.

So why are we worry my baby?



~ Dilly ~