Another ♥ filled 19th…


Another 19th day of a month. Reminds me of how badly I treated you on a particular 19th. That was exactly two years and 11 months ago. But see I am today.  Head to toe in love with you. I have utmost love and respect for you. You are the blessing in my life. The one and only. Without any doubt,  God must have seen my melancholic state and sent you.
Thank God…

~ Dilly~


My Eternal Sunshine…

Do you know that you are the “Eternal Sunshine” for me?

It is amazing to have such love and warmth from you, it encourages me and make me whole. I like a crazy person, smile for nothing sometimes, thinking of you.

For you, I am crazy…

~ Dilly ~


My Heaven Send…


I was wondering hopelessly. I belonged nowhere. I searched for something that I knew was missing but I had no idea what it was until I found you. You, I have no words to thank you. You changed me, made me better, a stronger one, who only adores you, who is willing to die for you. If you ever ask for my life, I would not hesitate but bow and ask you to kill me. I love you that much. I know you too. You have become a poet at one point, just to surprise me, isn’t it? No one has  ever written anything for me and I am truly honored.

Thank you my baby. I love you and I am so grateful for your love.

You are my heaven send.


~ Dilly ~


Just Remember…

I didn’t hear your voice for a long time today. If it is some other time in the past, I would nag you because I feel alone without you, wanting to hear you, naturally, but I am holding on. Wondering what you are up to but holding on. Missing you, wanting to hear you, wishing you are here, near me, but am I not holding on?

I feel close to you in my dreams, then no barriers between us, only you and me. We are in love and it’s perfectly alright to do anything that look like madness because love is all about being impulsive. I love you, so very much.

Just remember that.




~ Dilly ~


You are my God…

Sometimes I dream of you at night. I can’t exactly remember what they were. Sometimes I think I am confusing myself with dreams and reality. In every waking hour too I think of you. Just as I breathe in and breathe out I think of you. Your name is circulating in my blood stream and every blood cell of mine is familiar with you now. Your touch, exquisite and it makes me feel extra ordinary and I shiver when I remember the taste of your kiss. It’s magical.

Are you a human or a Demi God, I sometimes wonder. I love you, that I know and you are my God…

~ Dilly ~




My baby You…

I love you. You mean everything to me. you are the air I breathe. At times you are like the soothing wind but at times you are like a hurricane, devastating everything, including my heart. I am not hasty and I am mastering patience because what you and I have is so precious. Love is eternal and even in next lives to come, I love you. So at times we can’t meet or talk or spend time together as we please. It kills me. You think I am fine with it?

Not at all.

But I have hope, that God is not playing games with our hearts. I believe that he is blessing us with his love. I have faith in him.

I am yours. In this life and in many more lives to come.

So why are we worry my baby?



~ Dilly ~