Oh, How much I miss you…


Another day. Oh, another day. Time pass so slowly when I am far away from you. It is killing me. But what can I do but keep mum and hoping time to pass fast till I see you again. It’s amazing what love can do to you. Love makes you happy and crazy at the same time leaving you paralyze in pain. Not just pain but excruciating, bone cracking pain.

Oh, how much I missed you. Lost for words….


~ Dilly ~



Be with me…

Be with me, I want you near.

Wish you are there when I wake up, what a sight it would be then, my favourite. I love you and I’m old now, fading away, gray hair and all that but I have my love in my heart, still warm, flames are still burning for you. I love you, I can say that a million times but it’s not enough.

I love you, I love you, I love you…..




Lucky One…

I breathe because of you. It’s so amazing to live your life for someone. I love it. I live my life for you and believe me, ours is not the perfect love story but I love every minute of it. You simply make everything possible. You give me courage and help me to understand my potential and I cannot thank you enough, you are amazingly wonderous. I can’t live a single second without thinking of you, I love you, so much. You are mine and that makes me so happy.

To have you and your love, I must be really very lucky…