I believe in God above…

Even when I feel I am just worthless, jobless one, you give me hope. Life is not always bad. It has ups and downs and sometimes I wonder what is the meaning of my life and I feel I should jump from a high cliff but you stop me by your mere presence. Your love is the only thing that makes me sane  and alive. Because of you, I am blessed. You tell me hundred stories in one smile of yours, or one frown. You know what I need the most. I wish we could hug more. When I’m with you, feeling the warmth of your embrace, I would feel so safe. I want to go far away with you, just you and me. I hope it will become true, before I breath my last breathe.

I believe in God above and he will not let me down…



~ Dilly ~




Simply I love You…

Sometimes you build walls around me which I can’t even think of breaking. That is your freedom. I love you. With walls or not I love you.

I know you. I know the pain and suffering inside you. You don’t need mask or wall with me.

Do you know that?

It makes me painful to realize it but it is something you have to think for yourself.

The day I started to love you, I have lost my individuality. I became from “me” to “us” and I am happy about it.

Although your moods change, I love you.

Simply I love you more than my life…


~ Dilly ~


To be in love…

You know what I like to hear the most? You saying I love you. When you say that my heart jumps up and down and it tingles and tickles and gives me a mesmerizing feeling. It makes me excited and jubilant because I know exactly what I want in life. You. Nothing but you and your love and it is the best feeling on earth, to have and to hold the one who means the universe to me and the best part is you also feel the same. You love me, probably more than me but I adore you for everything you are.

You make me so alive and I feel that I’m alive when I’m with you.

What a feeling it is, to be in love…