A serious wish…

I love you. I start all my letters by saying so. It is true. With loads on my back and lots of things going on, basically chores, I am uneasy. I need you, to be with me, a dream I may hardly be able to fulfill. I miss you, when we don’t talk my heart just break. Do you know that feeling of being lost among the crowd? I don’t know why I love you this much. But I do. I really really do. You are too adorable to resist. I pray that we could be able to be together till eternity. I seriously wish that.

~ Dilly~


My Eternal Sunshine…

Do you know that you are the “Eternal Sunshine” for me?

It is amazing to have such love and warmth from you, it encourages me and make me whole. I like a crazy person, smile for nothing sometimes, thinking of you.

For you, I am crazy…

~ Dilly ~


My Amazing lover…

My amazing lover. I love you. This new year, we will make our dreams come true. Think positive. That is the key. If we want to fly, we should visualize it and soon it will be ours. So brace yourself. We are going to win soon.

~ Dilly ~


Another Day…

Another morning.

A day without you. It kills me, indefinitely.


 I want to feel you around me. Then I feel so good. I want to hear you. I feel so awesome. I want to feel you. Life is not a life, when you are far away. I’m saying the truth. You know that. I try to control myself. Try to act as if everything is ok. But nothing is ok. Don’t want to burden you. So I shut myself up. Inside I’m choking in loneliness. It kills me 24×7 if you aren’t with me.

There would be a time that I would be able to live my life with you. I know it’s coming soon. I will try to be strong till that day.

I don’t have a choice, anyway.

I love you…




My Dream come true, is YOU…

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I don’t know whether you read this. That does not matter, really. You are such a God send. I want you to know that, being with you, makes me whole. Makes me ME. The happy me. You complete me, totally and colour my empty life. you care for me, think of me, love me. That’s great. Every girl’s dream.

And you are my dream come true.

I love you so very much, I do, with every breath I take…






You are my EVERYTHING…

I want you to know that I’m such an idiot at times but I’m your idiot. I love you madly, love to pamper you with everything I have. Love to give my everything for you, even my life, I will not think twice. If I have made a stupid mistake, forgive me. I love you so much baby. You are my everything, it’s not just words, it’s what’s echoing in my heart…





My Baby…

I do not at all find you perfect. To be honest perfects bores me to death. You don’t need a perfect person to love. You can love an imperfect person and accept them as they are. That is real love, I’m not bragging about myself here but still. I love you. It’s a fact as I always say. At times you are in your best behavior, at times it’s terrible to the core. But all in all, I know you love me and we are bonded. I need you to be alive. You too love me and accept me as your better half. What more do we want? I’m happy with you and loving every minute of our love.

You make me so alive, among other things, that’s why perhaps I love you a much like this.

I love you my baby….

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