Want You near…

When I dream of you whole night and open my eyes, you are not hear near me. I miss the warmth of your body. It’s the greatest feeling to be woken up with the love of your life. Cuddling and whispering sweet nothing to his ears. I want it. I want to wake up sleep and do everything with you. I love you so much, it hurts me to be away with you. Waiting to see your smiling face in the morning my darling…

~ Dilly ~


My Calling…

When we started our relationship, we had no clue where it would go. But when time passes us by I realized why I met you and why I fell for you.
Everything has a meaning in life and everything happens for a reason. After some time of our courting I understood my calling.
I am meant to love you and live for You. In this life and after lives. I love you so very very much.
You are my calling….

~ Dilly ~

My Blessed Love…

I just love you so much without even thinking whether you would love me back.  Love is selfless and pure. May be you have not witnessed that sort of love in your life but believe me there is.
Love is patient and kind. It is not boastful but humble and quiet. I do not want to explain how much my love would weight because it is simply useless.
Being in love and being loved by the one you love is the greatest thing on earth. So I think I am just so luck to be blessed to have a love like yours.
I love you so much…

~ Dilly ~